Dear piggys and cashcows,

new Update from your favourite blonde german goddess! Mostly everything I claimed in the last post has been realised:

  • you find the FAQ here
  • you find my bitcoin address in the sitebar and here
  • I added new stuff on my wishlist

I didn’t realised exclusive contact, but I’ll think about it in the future.

But what’s next?

To be always up to date I recommend following me on instagram and twitter (for updates and questions/livestreams) and to add me on facebook. Plus, you should all own a Skrill-account as it’s my fav paypal-alternative.

Message me, if you want a session, kneel and bow down, worship your one and only queen 💁🏼



Spring-Update ☀️

With the first rays of sunshine, all the piggies crawl out of their hidings again. I am still working on all the messages I received over the last few months. The fact that my phone broke last week (after mistakenly announced I’d get a new one soon on twitter ??‍♀️ ) and couldn’t decide which one to get next since then, doesn’t make this task easier. Therefore, this post tells ya what’s up next:

  • Upload the FAQ including video on my website
  • Tribute via Bitcoin
  • Exclusive contact (formerly live chat) possibly via WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. (not sure yet!)
  • Update the wishlist

Because of the phone-incident, I’m currently available on Facebook & Mail ONLY (so no Kik, Skype or Twitter!). Amazon Giftcards to contribute to a new iphone are welcome, as always!

Bye pathetic losers!


Let’s Go!

Fuck yes, it’s done!! ??? I am happy to announce the launch of my first website! ? Thanks to everyone who helped rock this thing! ?  I’m so fucking excited, you guys can’t imagine! From time to time there’ll be personal updates on here, like blogposts. You’ll find more seductive content on the other pages, which will have you fall to your knees immediately. Don’t forget to leave a piggy report if you’d recommend me as your goddess and to try out my new payment method. ?


Happy Browsing, Piggy! ???