I quit..

… Facebook, Twitter and Skype direct messaging! Why? Because of YOU!


Yes, that’s been REALLY dramatic! But I had to catch your attention, right? Due to personal life changes, it’s not possible for me to perform on different platforms daily. After my Twitter and Instagram Account got suspended months ago, I tried to rebuild everything – but wasn’t successful at all. 

Nevertheless, I get up to hundred messages on more than five platforms a day and while working full time, there’s no time for filtering bullshit timewasters from real interested subs. I made a hard decision over the last weeks. I shut down personal communication, direct messages and so on on Twitter, Facebook & Co. There’ll be a new Skype-Account for voice & video sessions only and a whatsapp-chat for daily messaging. 

Starting today, you can subscribe to the following: 

– private Chat on WhatsApp: get my number and the ability to message me any time for 25€ (one time payment) – WHATSAPP WILL BE THE ONLY WAY TO CONTACT ME – 

– private instagram feed with daily stories and pictures – 25€ / monthly 

– book individual sessions online

In addition, there will be a few tweets weekly on my twitter profile, plus you have the chance of getting whatsapp contact for free if you do tasks / promotion service. What I mean with that you’ll see later this week on my twitter account. 

How to subscribe?

Follow the Button below to subscribe to WHATSAPP CHAT and PRIVATE INSTAGRAM FEED!
All payment methos are listed here. You’re anxious about messaging on WhatsApp? You don’t have to worry! Your telephone number WILL NOT be part of any blackmail. Your number and our communication over there is safe. My display name and picture is discreet. If you have further questions, send me an email.

Book WhatsApp Chat

To book a session with me, click the button below.

Book a session now!

This is MY way to deal with life + beeing a findom while working full time. It’s a chance to live the life I want while not loosing my passion to findom! 

Last but not least a quick reminder and corona-virus update:

Due to the Corona Virus and everyone  beeing financially unstable, ALL blackmail contracts are paused until the end of June! 

stay safe!


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