Spring-Update ☀️

With the first rays of sunshine, all the piggies crawl out of their hidings again. I am still working on all the messages I received over the last few months. The fact that my phone broke last week (after mistakenly announced I’d get a new one soon on twitter 😜) and couldn’t decide which one to get next since then, doesn’t make this task easier. Therefore, this post tells ya what’s up next:

  • Upload the FAQ including video on my website
  • Tribute via Bitcoin
  • Exclusive contact (formerly live chat) possibly via WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. (not sure yet!)
  • Update the wishlist

Because of the phone-incident, I’m currently available on Facebook & Mail ONLY (so no Kik, Skype or Twitter!). Amazon Giftcards to contribute to a new iphone are welcome, as always!

Bye pathetic losers!


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