welcome back piggies 🐷 I’ve got BIG NEWS for you!

thanks to all my develop-piggies, we’ve launched a mail-newsletter (popup below) as well as a pushalert* (pink bell on the left side) today! with this new feature, you’re able won’t miss any update! you’ll be notified (via mail or a pushalert) when a new blogpost arrives. if you like this service, please let me know! maybe I’ll post new pics and clips first here in the future! 😋

furthermore, you’re now able chat with me on whatsapp or do sessions via mobile number or facetime! in order to get my mobile number, tribute minimum 15€ – the tribute way doesn’t matter here. but I should inform you that you now can use circlepay 😍 use any email from me you know to tribute! didn’t find your most liked tribute way on the tribute page? just tell me which way you like most and we’ll find a way (paypal will never be possible!)

you got blocked on any social media account possible? yes, then you definitely deserved it! with a 15€ unblock-fee you can try to leave the blocklist. I reserve the right to make exceptions for certain users!

last but not least I wanted to point out that christmas is coming! you all should know, that your bonus as well as any christmas gift for your goddess is appreciated. if you can’t decide what to buy from the wishlist, this post will help you. 😉

don’t forget to review this website or rate your goddess with a piggie report! at the end of the year, everyone who votes gets entered into a raffle where you can win a goodie from your goddess!  😋


*doesn’t work with iOS. check if your browsers notifications are enabled. 
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