Happy New Year!

New Year, same stunning me. The perfect time to bow down & kneel infront of your queen 💁🏼

I loved christmas time. I took a short break and opened your gifts, took time to answer your messages & questions. Now I’m back, and I have lots of information for my piggies.

  • Cleaning the Wishlists
    • you bought lots of christmas gifts. some are unavailable now, some I don’t like anymore and many are ready to be bought by you. I’ll update & clean the wishlists the next days & let you know (on twitter/fb)
  • Raffle
    • my 2018 piggy report raffle found a winner! if you’re lucky, you already got an email. vote or comment on twitter, if you liked it & want more of them in 2019
  • Voting on Fetishqueens
    • we all already know: I’m Germanys hottest blonde findom-queen. Let others know & vote for your queen on fetishqueens.net. Wanna reach the first place asap!
  • CirclePay, GiftCards & stuff
    • updated the tribute section. have a look!

Last I wanted to let you know that I’ve got lots of exams at the end of january / beginning of february. As long as you don’t speak German you can’t help (except tributing) and wait til’ I got time for my piggies again 😌


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