Health Issues & Vacay

This post shall be a quick reminder of two things: 

First, I’m a human being. I get sick, I do have a life without findom, I have friends and family and so on … I could add a hundred things to this list and explain it 1000 times as I did in this post. But I don’t want to. You can’t accept that? Leave. It’s so simple. 😉

Second, I’m – yes, again – on vacation. Starting next week I’ll be away for 2-3 weeks. I don’t know exactly when I’ll be back but I’ll update my twitter as soon as I’m home again.

After my vacay, there’ll be a few changes coming up. I did not fully recover and I am struggling with some health issues atm. I hope I feel better in a few weeks and can talk about my findom-future with you. 

Until then: Browse through my (social media) page(s) and fap to old pictures and videos! I’ll be back 😜 

Please note that if you wanna gift me, don’t use my amazon wishlist the next weeks as I’m not able to grab them from the locker.


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