Here’s a quick update. First: You may noticed: The last weeks / months were VERY busy. I couldn’t answer all your messages in time. That’s because I successfully finished university and started working full time a few months ago. I still try to reconcile everything which – obviously – takes some time. I hope I get things figured out by the start of the new year! Until then I try to live my passion whenever possible 😜  You know what you can do to get answers earlier than others.

Second – and more important – I have BIG CHRISTMAS NEWS for you! This year there’ll be an online advent calendar for you here on my website launching next week! Prepare your pathetic asses for this once in a lifetime experience 😉 until then, buy an advent calendar for your goddess on amazon and make sure you think about a christmas gift as well 😜 there’ll be a wishlist for christmas coming soon as well 😌

PS: don’t forget: IT’S BLACKFRIDAY next week!


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