How old are you and where are you from?

For those of you unable to read my bio: I’m 23 and I’m from Cologne, Germany.

What does the “MS” in your name stand for?

My name, Mia Sophie.

How long have you been a financial dominatrix? How did you start?

I’ve been a financial dominatrix for three years now. I’ve always enjoyed subduing and humiliating men. One of my very first boyfriends was highly submissive, and I quickly discovered how much I enjoyed having power over him. After we split up I had my first encounters with actual slaves and experienced my first real time sessions.

Do you still do real time sessions?

Unreliable slaves and unpleasant experiences with stalking have caused me to refrain from doing any more real live sessions. I might change my mind in the future, but currently I won’t do them and there’s no amount of money in the world that will change my position.

How do I know you’re real then?

My profiles on platforms such as “moneydomdirectory” and “fetishqueens” have been cam-checked and verified.

Why do you only show your feet in videos?

Quite simply, because it’s the easiest way to get your attention. You don’t deserve to look at my face for free. Plus, you’re not here to salivate all over you while you’re staring at me. You’re here to kneel at my feet and offer me your servitude. You’re worth less than the dirt between my toes and I’m happy to remind you of that.

What do you enjoy the most about being a financial dominatrix?

Power. Money is power, and I’ll take it whenever I want from whoever I want with beauty, charm, and sadistic intelligence.

What’s it like to be your slave?

The most important thing to remember: I make the rules, you obey. Nothing is for free and yet I’m not here to maximize my profit at any cost. If I don’t like you, your money won’t help you. While ruining someone’s life is not in my interest, my attention still has to be earned.

Do you make custom images and videos?

That might happen from time to time, but: Be clear and concise about your wishes. If I have to read three pages of instructions, I won’t even bother to reply.


How do I apply as a slave?

Send me a message and introduce yourself properly. It’s not that hard.

Are there specific requirements I should fulfill?

Be able to pay. Be submissive. Be friendly. The rest will come with time. 

How long do I have to commit to you?

That depends on what you want. You can book individual sessions with me or you can enter a monthly commitment with blackmail being the only exception. Blackmail contracts usually run for six months minimum.

Can I remain anonymous?

Of course. I’ll never publish anything without your approval.


How can I tribute you?

I accept Amazon gift cards, Paysafe and Skrill. Additionally, you can use the credit card fill-out form on my website (see more here).

How much do I have to pay?

Once again, it depends. There are different prices for different levels of engagement. However, I want to emphasize that it’s not just about the total sum of money you give me. The gesture counts as well. For someone with very little money to spare, a smaller tribute can already be a big proof of commitment.

Can I buy stuff from your wish list?

Yes! And guess what, you can do so without asking me beforehand. That’s what the list is for, retard.

Can I pay via bank transaction or PayPal?

No, since anonymity wouldn’t be maintained, and I’ve had several unpleasant experiences with PayPal.

Can I send you my credit card and the pin code via mail?

You are more than welcome to send me your credit card. However, we should have talked things through prior to that.


What sort of sessions do you offer? How can I book them and what will they cost me?

Here’s one thing you should always remember: Ultimately, what happens in a decision is up to me. The price also depends on the medium: Text, voice or video. Read more on my “About me” page.

What does a session with you look like?

Once again, there is no pre-determined set of steps. Know your preferences and tell me what you like. Leave everything else to me.

Do you keep slaves in chastity?

With great pleasure and preferably in a chastity cage. However, I’ll only take the keys if I’ve known you long enough and we’ve talked things through sufficiently. Generally, it’s best for you to keep the keys. Packages have gone missing in the past and that would be a drag. Particularly for you.


Do you offer blackmail?

With a minimum running time of six months, yes. On the condition of mutual trust and likeability. If I haven’t interacted with you before, I expect a tribute as insurance.

Is there a monthly minimum I should be able to pay?

Less than 25 Euros wouldn’t be worth the effort, quite honestly.

Which personal data do I have to transfer to you?

Usually a copy of your passport and a picture.


Do you sell worn clothes? And do you ship worldwide?

Yes. It’s all a matter of money. Just text me.