On this page you learn how to tribute to your goddess. The button below shows an external website on which you can tribute via debit or credit card. You buy one or more tributes, one costs 5$ (4,25€). You can make a single payment or tribute monthly.


Furthermore, I accept Skrill, PaysafeDE, Verse and Bitcoin (Address: 1AujimXckvYtcRmUX1xjz53XQCYkSJH3uF ) Due to several issues with paypal I don’t use this service anymore.

I accept giftcards from the following shops (make sure you always use the german store except ASOS):

For all of these, use

Do we already know each other for a while, it’s possible for you to send me your debit card incl. PIN to use whenever I like. For more infos, text me private.